You can make a drink.

The way that only sangria can entice your taste buds is by the variety of fruit and wine.A pitcher of sangria is when wine soaks in fresh fruit, taking on the sweet taste and giving it an incredible bite to the fruit itself.

Step 1: Remove any large seeds from the fruit by cutting it into wedges.

The rinds of the fruit will help flavor the drink later on.If you want to use the lemons and limes lightly, lean towards the oranges.Few people can handle a straight lemon or lime and most people love eating fruit in the drink.The amount of fruit you choose is up to you.

Step 2: Cut the apple into bite-sized slices.

Again, remove any seeds so that people can eat the fruit.The final flavor of seeds can be bitter.

Step 3: For 45 seconds, add the chopped fruit to the pitcher with the sugar and add to it.

A wooden spoon is used to beat up fruit.The sugars and flavors will work their way into the sangria.

Step 4: Continue to drink for another 30 seconds after adding the splash of brandy.

You can adjust the brandy to match your taste, and you can add a few other liquids if you want to try something new.Adds a little more juice to the drink.Cut some of the alcohol and stretch out the drink a bit more.

Step 5: Add in the bottle of red wine and stir.

A light, refreshing white wine is what you want.Traditionally, sangria is made with a Spanish Roja, but most people substitute a nice Merlot without missing anything.

Step 6: Let the drink chill for 3-4 hours to get flavor.

If you add ice or let it blend in the fridge, you can serve it as is.The choice is yours.You can serve the drink on ice for a burst of flavor.You can leave the drink to blend overnight for the best flavor.Many recipes claim to let it sit for 4 hours.It is not necessary because this will taste better.

Step 7: Add a splash of carbonation to serve over bubbles.

Everything is more refreshing when it has something to drink.This is the last chance to make your own version of the classic cocktail.It's perfect if you like a refreshing drink.As you added brandy, add as much as possible.It's a great choice to balance out too-sweet sangrias because it has a bit more pucker to it.You can try flavors like Lemon-Lime.Go crazy, this is a drink.A refreshing punch of bubbles can be added to a drink with a light and crisp wine.

Step 8: Go nuts with fruit combinations.

There is only one rule when choosing fruit for a drink, and that is one non-citrus and one citrus.The combination of apples and oranges is not the only one.Try out: pineapples and strawberries.Blackberries and Blueberries.

Step 9: A white wine sangria has a dry, crisp white with fresh fruit.

White wine makes a refreshing drink.In place of brandy, use a light liquor.White wines tend to do better with different fruits.Try out: Apples Lemons and Limes.

Step 10: Try to experiment with less traditional wine types.

It's not supposed to be complicated or set in stone.The pink drink mixes well with fruit and delivers all the bubbles right off the top.Don't let it go flat before serving.Again, the bubbles are important, but this light and refreshing wine goes great with blood oranges.

Step 11: You can try other liquors as well.

Adding brandy to a red sangria is traditionally done lightly, but it is not the only liquor that can pull it off.It's important to choose a drink that has fruit or floral notes.Don't try something strong that will distract from the fruit.You can think about Suze Cointreau St. Germain Schnapps Triple Sec.

Step 12: You can blend the juice with the spices to make a smooth drink.

Instead of chopping all of the fruit, juice oranges, lime, and lemon in a small saucepan, add a pinch of nutmeg, a ground cinnamon stick and caster sugar and heat just until it steams, removing immediately and letting it cool before adding the wine.Do not cook the liquid until steam rises from the surface.In order to cool the juice faster, you place the pot in a larger pot filled with cool water.

Step 13: A simple pick-me-up with a glass of wine is made with orange juice and club soda.

Do you want something lighter and refreshing than a straight glass of wine, but don't want the hassle of sangria?Don't eat fruit, hit the fruit juices and top it with club soda.If you have some fresh fruit sitting around, you can add it to the ice cubes for a burst of flavor.

Step 14: For a quick drink, use frozen berries and sparkling water.

The simple mixture will get you going quickly, and can be tailored easily.All you have to do is mix frozen berries, Squeezed lemon, lime, and or orange juice to taste Red wine.

Step 15: There's a white wine and iced tea combo.

The tea provides a herbal note to the drink.It pairs well with almost any fruit and can be topped with a bit of basil.Try it with mango, peach, lemon, and strawberry.If you need a little sugar, use honey.

Step 16: It's easy to make a super easy "campfire" sangria.

This won't win you any style points, but campfire cocktails are not supposed to be classy.All you have to do is mix the three ingredients to your liking.Three parts wine to one part soda is a good starting ratio.