How To Create a Messy Braided Updo

When you want to get your hair out of the way, messy, braided updos are a great option.People with straight hair can pull them off, even if they have curly hair.A simple hair accessory or two can make them fit for a special night out.

Step 1: It's a good idea to make a side part in your hair.

To make the part straight and even, use the handle of a rat-tail comb.It doesn't matter what side you make the part on.The side with more hair will be braided.

Step 2: Take a small section from your head.

You should grab it from the side that you parted your hair on.If you parted your hair to the left, grab the hair from the right side of the part.Take the rest of your hair out of the way.If you have bangs, grab your hair.

Step 3: That section of hair needs to be braided.

If you want to get fancy, you can do a French braid or a Dutch braid.If you want something simpler, you can do a regular braid.

Step 4: Continue braiding until you reach the nape of your neck.

Tie it off with a clear elastic after doing a regular braid.Don't add more hair to that section.You will have a thin braid.You should loose the rest of your hair.

Step 5: Take your hair out in a ponytail.

The braid should not be in this ponytail.There is a hair tie that matches your hair color.If you want a messy look, exclude a few strands of hair from the ponytail.

Step 6: The ponytail should be turned into a bun.

Attach the bun to your head with a hair tie and use pins to secure it.The braid should not be included in the bun.

Step 7: The braid should be wrapped around the base of the bun.

The braid should be secured with a few more pins.Wrap a few strands of hair around the bun and secure them with pins.

Step 8: Finish it off.

You should go back to the braid that came out of your part.Pull the loops with your fingers.This will make it look worse.Curl your bangs for a more delicate look.You can clip them out of the way or tuck them behind your ear.A cute and trendy style is a butterfly braid, in which the loops of the braid are pulled on.

Step 9: It's time to part your hair.

You can put it in the middle of off to the side.This style works best with long hair.

Step 10: Section off your hair.

2 sections from your temples are 2 to 1 inch thick.Tie or clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

Step 11: The 2 sections need to be braided.

The sections should hang in front of your ears.Tie the first section off with a clear elastic.Tie off the other section as well.They will be hanging by your face when you are done.You can temporarily remove them from the way.

Step 12: The rest of your hair needs to be split.

You can untie or clip your hair.Just like making 2 braids or pigtails, divide it down the center into 2 equal-sized sections.

Step 13: There are two sections of hair.

The mini braids should not be on top of your head.The braid should be tied off with a clear elastic.If your hair is thick, you may need to use a mini hair tie.You should use one that matches your hair color.

Step 14: You can braid the back of your head with the left back braid.

Take the right back braid.Pull it across the back of your head.Attach it with pins that are the same color as your hair.If you have long hair, you may have to braid it back over to the left side of your head and use more pins.

Step 15: For the right back braid, repeat.

Pull the right back braid across the back of your head, above the first braid.Place it with pins.Put the end under itself with some more pins.The left braid should be hidden by the right braid.Pin the end of the left braid out of sight if it doesn't.If your hair is long, you will need to wrap the braid around the right side of your head.

Step 16: The mini braids should be pinned above the back braids.

The mini braids need to be untangled.Wrap them across the back of your head.Tuck the ends under themselves, then secure the mini braids with bobby pins.

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